Favorite Charities

Favorite Charities of Pearson Seamless Gutters

Door of Hope Palawan

In 2007, the first Door of Hope home for children was built at a beautiful location on the island of Palawan, Philippines. It is a duplex that can accommodate about 15 girls on one side and 15 boys on the other. The property consists of 12 acres, about four of which have been planted to pineapple, citrus trees and a variety of other fruit trees. A lovely stream intersects the property, supplying fresh water all year long.

The cornerstone of their staff consists of house parents who are drawn from a large fellowship of churches called Philippine Christian Fellowship. The hundreds of mature men and women of high integrity provide them with a wonderful resource of people with proven moral character, who are willing to lay down their lives for children who otherwise would have no hope. The children do not enter an institutional atmosphere, but in every way possible they strive to make them feel a part of a loving family. The house parents will fulfill the need in each child to have a mother and father image that will care for them as if they were their own children.

To learn more, visit www.doorofhopepalawan.org.

Favorite Charities - Heather's Home

Heather’s Home

A few years ago, John and Heather Early began to be moved by the plight of children, particularly orphaned children living in horrible conditions in many parts of the world. They decided at that time they wanted to be a couple that was more than just grieved by their suffering, but moved to action.

In October of 2009, John was able to travel to Haiti where he felt that Heather’s Home was already being established by God’s hand. While there, he was able to reunite two orphaned sisters who became the first two children to live in the home.

Their desire is to take children from the jaws of hopelessness and poverty and lavish upon them all the joy, love, and prosperity that they enjoy in their own home. They are not interested in owning a warehouse where children’s basic needs are merely provided for – they are building a home where children will be loved, nurtured, fathered and mothered.

To learn more, visit www.heathershome.org.

Favorite Charities - Impact Nations

Impact Nations

Impact Nations partners with leaders in the developing world to rescue lives and transform communities by engaging people in practical and supernatural expressions of the Kingdom of God.

To learn more, visit www.impactnations.org.