Ice & Snow Removal from Roof & Gutter Systems

Did you know it’s possible to safely remove snow and ice from roofs and gutters?  Pearson Seamless Gutters offers ice and snow removal services for residential and commercial roof and gutter systems. We use a LOW-PRESSURE steamer to remove any size ice dams from affected areas of your home or building regardless of how difficult or hard to reach they may be. Our crews are equipped with the appropriate ladders, staging, and safety equipment to deal with just about any situation. Roof snow removal services are provided.  To protect your roof system while we safely remove snow and ice, we only use plastic/poly shovels and roof rakes and absolutely NO METAL!

How we safely remove snow and ice:

Step one: Snow removal. How extensive the ice damming is needs to be determined. The only way to see how far an ice dam extends up the roof is to remove the snow first.

Step two: Our team will switch gears from removing snow to removing any ice damming that has occurred. We will determine the best approach to set up ladders and safety equipment in order to reach the affected areas.

Step three: Once everything is set up and diagnosed, we turn on our low-pressure steamer and start to melt the ice off the roof in small, manageable sections. Usually, one worker will be up on the ladder removing ice while another is removing the fallen ice from walkways and driveways. That’s it! Once everything is taken care of and to your satisfaction, we will take our ladders down, clean up, and leave your home snow and ice free!

More Information:

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What causes ice dams? Safely remove snow and ice from roofs and gutters.