Helmet Heat

Frozen Gutters? Ice Dams?

Helmet Heat® is an ingenious, self-regulating cable device that protects your home from dangerous winter conditions. This device is the complete solution to prevent frozen gutters and ice dams during those cold winter months. The combination of Gutter Helmet® and Helmet Heat is the ideal defense against ice damage to your home and will provide you with safety and peace of mind.

With Helmet Heat, snow melts before it hits the edge of your roof and flows down your rain gutters and downspouts. Damaging snow and ice buildup is averted.  As the temperature drops, the cable responds by heating up. As the temperature rises, the cable cools down, saving you money.


This ice reduction system is comprised of a heavy-duty, commercial grade, self-regulating heat cable that cannot overheat and is GFCI protected. These cables are neatly placed under the Gutter Helmet gutter covers so that they are not seen, giving you a clean roofline. The sturdy, weatherproof control box is easily accessible so that you can turn the system on and off as needed.

Protect your roof and home from water damage, your gutters from sagging from the weight of ice and snow, and greatly reduce heavy, dangerous icicles that can cause damage or injury. Contact us today!

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Helmet Heat

Instructions for Using Helmet Heat

Curious to know when to turn your Helmet Heat system on and off?  Learn this and more by reading our Helmet Heat instructions. (PDF document)

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